Pricing Plans

$5/ 50 credits

Credits Usage Info

Credit Usage:

  • 1 Credit allows you to get either:
    • A summary for a video up to 15,000 tokens.
    • A transcript for a video up to 4,000 tokens.

Longer Videos:

  • Videos exceeding these token limits will require additional credits.
  • For instance:
    • A summary for a 21,000-token video costs 2 credits.
    • A transcript for the same 21,000-token video costs 6 credits.

Token Conversion:

  • 1 Token is roughly equal to 4 characters in English, which is about ¾ of a word.
  • Learn more about tokens here.

Credit Policy:

  • Credits are only used for successful summaries or transcripts.
  • Purchase more credits anytime - they never expire.